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Hey, I'm Jordan. 

I am from San Antonio, TX, where I live now with my amazing wife, Jen. We are doing our best to follow Jesus, and experience the abundant life he invites us to experience. It's hard for me to name my one thing I do vocationally, but I've had the joy of being a musician, songwriter, worship leader, and poet over the last few years. Most of my life has been in and around the church, and once I started playing music, I got more and more involved in it. Through dealing with things like confronting my own ambitions, grief, and more, I began to reluctantly move from a more nominal kind of faith into a transformative, vulnerable conversation with Jesus. Over the past few years, I’ve  felt and seen God invite me into a new depth of relationship with Him. 

My first book, The Rage Against Grace, is a collection of poems and writings that highlight that process, and my confusion in all of it. With whatever I share on here, be it a podcast, blog, poem, or book, my desire is to live it. That's what makes me nervous about sharing. I'm not doing all of it perfectly. So, as you engage with the content on here, pray with me, against the need for me to be seen as the one who has the answers. I pray that as you read the blog or listen to the podcast, you'd come to desire  and be shaped by a life of prayer and intimacy with the Father. Thanks for joining me.

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