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Loosening the chains of familiarity

Embracing a life of listening

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Hey, I'm Jordan! 

I'm a San Antonio native, and I am married to my best friend, Jen. Though I've dabbled in many different vocations, I'm owning up to one specifically through this website: writing. All my life, I haven't been able to avoid writing, whether through schoolwork, introspective tendencies,  poetry, dreams of becoming a world-famous singer/songwriter, or the need to be honest with God. This website is simply a space for me to host the different musings that have been living in my head, on paper, and in my computer. Of course, I hesitate to share these insights, because I don't live them all the time. It grieves me to think I'd merely use God to gather takeaway statements and package them up in order to deliver them before I try to live them. So, know that all that I post is born of prayer and attempted participation with God in my own life. My prayer is that as you engage with these, you'd hear the invitations of Jesus in your everyday life.




Since the podcast is called “Rediscovering”, what you can expect is me to share thoughts, prayers, and reflections that come from a person who is also on the journey. As I’ve begun to learn to live by just being continually receptive to Jesus’ work in my life, a lot of my rigid ways of thinking about life, myself, and God have had to be torn down. But on the other side of those deaths is resurrection. 

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